Marisca Conradie

Don't let the world calm your crazy.

In a little farm town, Lichtenburg, Marisca lives out her passion of being a fashion designer. She didn't always dream of doing this job, but once she pursued it, there was no stopping. Starting out in her parents garage and seeing clients from home, she now has her own cozy little studio, which has grown so much in the past few years.


Probably wondering where the name came from?

Marisca’s maiden name is Koekemoer, so “Koekies” was a nickname given to her in school already. She changed it to the double-o and decided to brand her label, Kookies Kouture.

She felt like she wanted to keep something personal as her label grows and always remember her roots.

Meet The Team

From doing everything herself, patternmaking to sewing to fittings, she now has a team of two very experienced seamstresses. Her left and right hand. They make an excellent team, who loves working together!


Marisca Conradie studied Fashion Designing at the North West School of Design in Klerksdorp for three years, where she finished her degree in Fashion Design.

As a qualified Fashion Designer, she has worked alongside designers in Klerksdorp and then decided to open her own studio in her hometown, Lichtenburg.


Marisca values her family very high, when it comes to the business, literally everyone in her immediate family has had their share of helping.

She owes her success to her unconditional support structure!


When it comes to work, there is always time to play!

Having a great team is the glue that keeps the studio together, through lots of laughter and tears they keep their clients happy and wouldn’t be able to do so without great teamwork!